Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Jewels 4 God jewelry be purchased?  There are three ways to get Jewels 4 God jewelry.  1.  At churches and conferences throughout the country where we are invited to share about our jewelry training and set up a display.  2. Through sales volunteers or representatives throughout the country.  3. Earn free jewelry by becoming a Representative or hosting a Home Show.

What is the jewelry made out of?  All of the jewelry is made of out sterling silver and semi-precious stones (see sample supply list below) unless stated otherwise.

Is the jewelry guaranteed?  Yes.  Items in need of repair can be sent to our head office in Virginia or returned to any location where we have provided training.

How much does the training cost?
We do not charge anything for the training.  The only costs ($10-$15,000) associated is for purchasing materials and transporation/ground expenses necessary to get a jewelry micro-enterprise up and running.  Our daily living expenses are provided by the tax deductible monthly support of churches and individuals. 

Will you train women or men?
Yes!  We have trained both and everyone enjoys it.  You can literally see each individual's confidence rise as they create beautiful jewelry and experience the satisfaction of accomplishment.

How soon can you train us?
We are only limited by the funds it takes to purchase the supplies and travel to your country. We schedule our training trips based solely on funds that are available. 

How many people can you train at once?
Training five or six people is best because we can give them more attention. Afterwards, they can train others. 7-10 people would be the maximum amount we are willing to train at once.

How long does the training take?
The training will take four to five days, 8-10 hours a day. Whoever is going to be trained must attend all training sessions.

What is the profit margin?
The profit margin will vary depending on your country and local market. However, jewelry has a very high mark up due to the labor and art involved, and because each product is one-of-a-kind. 

What do you need our organization to provide?
    1. A dedicated & trustworthy staff member assigned to oversee the jewelry project.
     2. A good translator.
     3. A room to work where the materials and product can always be locked.
     4. Trustworthy and artistically inclined students.  They will also need good work
         ethic and the ability to see small things at close range.
     5. A local source for getting whatever materials possible within your country.
     6. Arrangements for accommodations.

Where can we sell the product?
Women will love the jewelry that you will make. Any opportunity to show women your product is a potential sale. Here are some ideas:
     1. Display at churches (ask the pastor first), small groups, women’s meetings, etc.
     2. Display at your organization for visitors 
     3. Events (graduations, picnics, concerts, etc.) 
     4. Markets and fairs 
     5. Donors and foundations 
     6. Storefront 
     7. Website sales 
     8. Conventions 
     9. Retail stores

What supplies will you bring? 
Jewelry 4 God has sourced hundreds of wholesale vendors selling beads, silver, and supplies. We purchase these materials at the best possible prices in order to maximize profit.  At minimum, we will provide the following…

5 pairs precision needle nose pliers
5 pairs of round nose pliers
5 pairs of snips
5 pairs flat nose pliers
10 Beading Boards

Semi-Precious Beads & Pendants (in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and shades) Freshwater Pearls
Botswana Agate
Black Agate
Red Agate
Tiger Eye
Moss Opal
Black Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian
Black Onyx
Crystal Quartz
Smokey Quartz
Rose Quartz
Blue Quartz
Blue Goldstone
Cats Eye
Poppy Jasper
Picture Jasper
Mahogany Jasper
Olivine Jade
Chinese New Jade
Yellow Turquoise
Mother of Pearl
Other stones

Beads from Other Materials
Glass (including seed beads)

Beading Wire
7-strand Beadalon (nylon coated stainless steel) – for necklaces
19-strand Beadalon (nylon coated stainless steel) – for bracelets

Sterling Silver (a variety of each)
Head pins
Earring Wire
Bead Caps

Miscellaneous Supplies
Silver coated Crimp Beads
Two Storage Bins (60-100 drawers each)
Suede Lacing
Earring Cards
Price Tags
Fiskars paper cutter
Tagging Gun & Supplies

Will you help us replenish supplies?
Part of your profit from sales should be set aside to purchase more supplies.  In the beginning you may want to set aside all of your total sales for increasing supplies and expanding your product line.  You can buy whatever you need at cost directly from Jewelry 4 God.  We will ship to someone within the United States who will be visiting your country or we can ship to directly to address in the U.S.

For any other questions please contact us.