Why Jewelry for God's Jewels?

     It gives an immediate accomplishment.. 
It takes less than 20 minutes to design and make a pair of beautiful earrings, 20- 
0 minutes for a bracelet, and 30 minutes to 3 hours for a necklace.  But more
          importantly, each students sees the fruit of their labor right away and are often
          amazed that they made such beautiful jewelry.

     It provides self-worth... 
Because they are working with top quality materials, semi-precious stones and
          sterling silver. The students are taught the value of what they are making and it
          makes them feel valuable because they are being trusted with these materials.

   It i
s an opportunity for creativity...
It gives students the opportunity to create something that is precious and
          exercise their God given creativity.

      It i
s therapeutic...
           They learn color coordination, how to create and follow patterns, and learn
           concentration skill in order to follow patterns correctly.  It helps them in their
           process of becoming mentally sound and emotionally whole.

      It teaches a vocational skill...
            It provides a means of income for the student during reentry and opens
            residual blessings to come back to the organization that helped them.

      It is fun...
We always create a fun interactive working environment with the students. 

It is a good income producer... 
  Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization that rescues women from human
            trafficking in Falkland Road, the largest red light district in the world.  in India
            was the first to be trained.  They sold over $20,000 worth of jewelry in their
            first year.  Each month thousands of dollars in jewelry is being sold by
            organizations that Jewels 4 God has trained and shelter, food, and medicine is 
            being provided for the marginalized individuals they are helping.

How does the training work?  Learn More...

Mail Donations to:                                 Or Donate Via Credit Card:   
Jewels 4 God                                         Call: 540-972-7121
218 Cornwallis Ave.                                  
Locust Grove, VA   22508 

Benefits for the organizations who receive training:  Jewelry has a high profit margin due to the art and labor involved, yet it is easy to make, requires little work space, makes a great gift for donors, is excellent for publicity (people tell others who made the jewelry), and it is easy to transport.

We provide...
      1. Assistance in raising start up capital for materials.
      2. Onsite training on how to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  We
          can also teach how to make watches and beaded bookmarks. 
      3. Design and marketing ideas.
      4. Custom earring cards and price tags for each ministry.
      5. Resources for restocking raw materials at wholesale costs.
      6. Ongoing technical support.
      7. Advanced techniques.
      8. Lessons on how to maximize profits without sacrificing beauty or